Compagnie Impérial


Gérald Chevillon bass, tenor and soprano saxophones
Damien Sabatier baritone, alto and sopranino saxophones

A saxophone duo which is by turns warm, touching, brilliant, powerful, spiralling: theirs is a music refined over the course of the many adventures that have taken them back and forth across France, from jazz scenes to theatre stages.

They have also been heard roaming the countryside, foraging in villages and lands of plenty to the tune of traditional songs. Missing the city, in the end they came back to us from this fantastical voyage invigorated, transformed by invention and reinvention from our connoisseurs’ ghetto blasters.
They are the worthy heirs to free music and Musette, from Gus Viseur to Michel Portal, friends of the Arfi family amongst others, a collective which has stood the test of time.

They begin eyes closed – no safety net – and we can follow, guided by their self-possession into a musical unknown, a sonic mystery where we are drawn in by blue notes, melodies, solos, and breaks that never cease to surprise.