Compagnie Impérial


Impérial Orphéon turns into a sextet for this project. Two acrobats join the group, playing their bodies like instruments. The rhythms merge, movement and sound become one, and before you know it you can no longer tell whether what you are seeing or hearing comes from the body or from the musician.

When creating the show for “Gala”, our research focused on the interconnection of movement and sound, and of everything that can come out of this convergence. Our shared language allows us to express speed, slowness, explosiveness, delicacy; using common catalysts, whether sonic – produced on instruments or speakers – or performed through movement.

This puts the audience at the centre of the piece, not to be harassed but invited to join in – they might ask themselves: ‘Am I going to be able to support that acrobat on my shoulders?’ ‘I thought I would be too scared to let my child “fly” in the arms of that dancer!’ ‘I actually like singing!’

In a nutshell, “Gala “, is our way of bringing to life a folk dance floor with its ritual music that we know so well and play at local dances as an invitation to the audience to “let themselves go”.