Impérial Orphéon

Rémy Poulakis accordion, vocals
Gérald Chevillon bass and soprano saxophones, FX
Damien Sabatier baritone, alto and sopranino saxophones, theremin, FX
Antonin Leymerie drums

Emerging from the bubbling heat of the Compagnie Impérial crucible, Impérial Orphéon has been making its mark for over eight years as an unusual group with explosive energy. These four multi-instrumentalists, with unfailing affinity, transport you with a performance that soon becomes an invitation to dance to a music of unexpected force and generosity. Folklore of all persuasions: influences borrowed from Brazil merge with Eastern trances, waltzes hitch a ride on magnetic grooves, operatic melodies glide over epic pop tunes. The Phantom of the Opera joyfully prowls the realm of these gentle eccentrics, alongside the spirit of jazz which is so often brought to life in this mind-blowing sonic kaleidoscope.