Aki Rissanen piano
Gérald Chevillon bass, tenor and soprano saxophones
Damien Sabatier baritone, alto and sopranino saxophones
Antonin Leymarie drums
Joachim Florent bass
Simon Girard trombone
Fred Roudet trumpet, bugle
Aymeric Avice trumpet, bugle

GRIO combines the Compagnie Impérial bass-drums rhythm section with a 5-instrument horn section: 2 trumpets, trombone, 2 saxophones. Just like a hand with its 5 fingers, this section also has echoes of Central African horn ensembles. This is Compagnie Impériale’s way of pursuing their exploration of African traditions, which began with Impérial Pulsar when they travelled to Mali and Burkina Faso.

Inspired by the Central African Banda Linda horn ensembles and the libertarian jazz of the 60s, GRIO is writing new material, opening up new playing fields and new sonorities driven by collective improvisation.